June 18, 2012

Hacking a Wall Poster Into Something Functional

Hacking a Wall Poster
I love this idea where someone decided to hack an office poster to turn it into a means of changing the office music.

Ever since my time in the Air Force I find it difficult to not notice the sounds around me.  Sure, I may not be able to always make out everything going on, but I definitely notice it.  When I worked at Fred Meyer this because a problem for me.

It was difficult to work outside when the local Air National Guard unit was flying because I'd pick up the distinct engine noise of the A-10.  Just made me want to get back into the field for some controls.

Christmas time was particularly painful because there was such a short loop of music.  One year I came close to loosing it since they had four versions of the same song in the rotation.  I would rather go back through resistance training in survival school than listen to that &^#%!# song ever again.  Yoko Ono and a crying baby were more soothing than this one song I won't even look up in fear that I may hear a snippet by mistake.

Listening to music at work is great.....having some measure of control over the music is even better.

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