June 17, 2012

Back to School?

Boise State University
This morning I discovered that I qualify for a Veteran's retraining program, so I applied.  I don't know if I'll get selected, but I went ahead and front-loaded the process by re-applying for admission to Boise State University.

There were a few classes I wished I had picked up last time, but I was trying to hurry up and finish.  These classes would be required for the degree/program I'm applying for and I'd have to tack on another seven classes to round out my degree requirements.

Hopefully I'd be able to get into either a work-study program or a part-time job while I'm going to school.  At the very least I would be able to actually apply for some of the paid internships floating around.

I wasn't planning on going back to school, but if the opportunity to get some more paid-for education comes up I'll have to take it.

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