June 16, 2012


If money wasn't an object...and I had the physical means to do so, I would outfit my home completely from Ikea.

I love their stuff and a visit to an Ikea store is a bit of a trip back to Europe for me.  One of these days I'll probably rent a truck and make a trip down to Salt Lake city (the closest store to us) and load up.  Until then I'll be happy with what we've got.

I like to check-in to the Ikea site periodically, because I like to see the different designs they have.  Another place I like to go that is Ikea related is Ikea Hackers.  People have a good time taking Ikea designs and re-purposing them into other projects.

Ikea always seems to be pushing the envelope with affordable design.  Case in point: Ikea's new cardboard digital camera.

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