June 12, 2012

Salta Vending Machine

Yesterday I was over at Gizmodo yet again and saw something that just shouted out "awesome".

At first it seemed like a stupid idea, but when I saw the video (embedded after the break) my opinion did a 180* turn.

Salta, a Heineken brew made in Argentina, isn't rated highly by beer snobs, but evidently it's a hit compared to other Argentinian beers.  In a country known for it's soccer fans, Salta seems to be popular in a region that is nuts about Rugby.
The marketers for Salta got a crazy idea to make a beer vending machine that requires a user to not only pay for the beer, but also tackle the machine to get a brew.  If your attempt is too wimp....tough...no beer for you.  Hopefully you can get some friends to help you out with your wimpy form.

Figuring how most vending machines have to have warnings about tackling them or sticking your hand of the machine to try and steal contents, I don't think this would ever fly in the US.  This machine is purpose-built though and it wants you to be rough with it.

Put your shoulder into it man....beer is at stake!

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