November 29, 2012

Cool Nerdist Video
If you've read much of my blog you'll know I'm a nerd....a dork...a geek....or maybe even a dweeb.

I take it all in stride, mostly because I'm generally happy.  As I'm typing this now I'm watching some anime about little cyborg assassins.  A few minutes ago I was listening to a 1st Edition AD&D Podcast.

I don't "do" too many podcasts because there is only so much I can listen to while doing other tasks.  There were several podcasts I subscribed to, but I just kept falling more and more behind.

Cool videos, on the other hand.....that I can usually fit in here and there, but then again I'm generally giving them a bit more attention.  The Nerdist YouTube channel is pretty sweet.

This last week they debuted a new NPH video: Neil's Puppet Dreams

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