March 23, 2013

Just a Quick Update

Am I having fun yet?
This last week (or so) I was out of the state to attend GaryCon and a quick family visit.  My wife and I returned to the house about 1 AM on Thursday exhausted and with way too much stuff to deal with.

In addition to the stress of travel and the cats who don't want to let you sleep once you get back home, I've had some schoolwork (including a midterm exam) and a "broken" refrigerator to deal with.

Luckily the fridge wasn't actually broken, but simply won't work if you shut off the freezer portion.  Nothing a lot of cleaning and replacing of contents won't fix.  It is a smelly & nasty job, but somebody has to do it.

Hopefully I'll be getting the rest of my schoolwork caught up today so I'm not behind and then I can return to my regularly scheduled life.

In the meantime, enjoy another good mash-up:

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