March 24, 2013

Torchlight II Not Coming to Xbox....Which is Not a Bad Thing

Torchlight II
Yesterday I was at "the store" and noticed that there was an instant savings offer (limited time sale) about to expire.  It was one of those, spend X amount and get an instant X/5 savings.  I needed to get a new XBox Live account card which racked up one saving certificate and a few other purchased almost racked up the next level of instant savings.

Essentially I was able to get some crap for free for stuff I was already planning on buying.  I decided that some XBox Live points was just the right kind of free crap I wanted.  There were a couple of games I've been looking forward to and next week is Spring Break.

One game I've been looking forward to is Torchlight II.  After depositing my points I went to go download it.....but it wasn't there to be downloaded.  A quick internet search brought me to this VG24/7 article where they mention that Torchlight II isn't coming to consoles.

It's a shame, but I'd rather see a game company devote their efforts to making one good game at a time and not chase after losing propositions.  Devoting resources they don't have to try and rush out one project at the expense of other projects just doesn't seem like the right thing to do.

I have to give Runic Games some credit for not going down the Gearbox path.  If I even start playing PC games I am going to have to pick up Torchlight II.

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