March 12, 2013

Senator Bernie Sanders Introduces Constitutional Amendment

Senator Bernie Sanders Introduces Constitutional Amendment
Image Courtesy Sen. Sanders
Even though I'm not from Vermont, I subscribe to Senator Sander's regular email newsletter, the Bernie Buzz.

Today I got word, via the Bernie Buzz, that he had introduced a Constitutional Amendment to reverse the Citizens United decision from the US Supreme Court.

You might not think this is important, but I would suggest you read up on the decision and see where the fallout has taken us as a country.

From the Bernie Buzz:

The 2010 Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission undermined democracy by opening the campaign spending floodgates. “What the Supreme Court did in Citizens United is to tell billionaires like the Koch brothers and Sheldon Adelson, ‘You own and control Wall Street. You own and control coal companies. You own and control oil companies. Now, for a very small percentage of your wealth, we're going to give you the opportunity to own and control the United States government,’” Bernie said. “That is the essence of what Citizens United is all about. That is why this disastrous decision must be reversed.”

As a direct result of the controversial ruling, a record $7 billion was spent in the 2012 election. Eleven states, including Vermont, and more than 300 cities and towns have already passed resolutions calling for the ruling to be overturned. 

I encourage you to read Senator Sander's fact sheet, and then contact your representatives in the House and the Senate.

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