March 11, 2013

Another Weird Dream Last Night

Last night I had another one of those "all-nighter" dreams where when I get to a certain point it just loops back to the beginning.  This one was odd, but not in the usual totally bizarre fashion.  Sure, it was weird, but more in a barely-plausible way.

In my dream I was around 7 years old, give or take, and a member of a Native American tribe.  My father had recently passed, which meant I was given the hereditary role of "Watcher" at an extraordinarily young age.  Don't ask me what a Watcher does, but it was important enough that I had been trained since birth to do the job.  I was also trained to use a pistol, and carried one everyday.  This was simply one of the requirements of a Watcher and I took my job seriously.

Most of the dream took place in a government school cafeteria.  I was at the center of some important inquiry because it had been discovered I was carrying my pistol while in school.  The school officials, all white government types, were trying to expel me, but the school was on tribal lands and I was simply doing my duty.  Evidently my concealed carry was discovered when I arrested a Canadian Poacher who wasn't poaching, but instead was on tribal property....trying to force a cross-breeding between an endangered hummingbird and a close (but not endangered) hummingbird.

Most of the cafeteria brouhaha revolved around the government officials trying to supersede tribal autonomy and while the elders didn't quite like the idea of a 7 year old Watcher, or a youth carrying a pistol, they were damned if they'd let the US Government overstep their authority.  Evidently a large sticking point was that I was better trained and notably safer with my pistol than any of the Government personnel were.

I was more than happy to comply with any decision made.....after all, I was only doing my job.

Pretty weird, huh?  I want to know what does my subconscious have with Canadians?

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