April 3, 2013

A Good KoDT Day for Me

Knights of the Dinner Table Geekgasm
Today was a good geek day for me.

I got to pick up Knights of the Dinner Table Issue #196 at our local comic book store, the only reliable place for getting this monthly comic.

Carolyn and I went out to lunch and when we got back there was a package waiting for me on the front step.  It was from a couple of friends of ours down in Salt Lake City.  I knew the package was a late Christmas gift, but I'd have been happy if I had to wait until next Christmas....as long as I got it.  This was something I was getting one way or another, our friends just saved me some wait and some cash.
A buddy of ours, Joe Tolman, makes some small figurines with his brother as part of Dinner Table
Squirrely & Gary Jackson
Creations.  I know that Joe's wife Bethany plays a big part in the business too....I bet the whole Tolman family chips in to get these figures sanded and painted.

I don't even think these figures are publicly available for sale yet (through Dinner Table Creations or KenzerCo-possibly only at conventions), so I'm even more stoked.  Even though Joe and Bethany are friends of ours, we did not get these figurines when they first came out.  Oh we were getting them, but we knew they took a lot of work to produce and we figured we wouldn't grab a set off of the initial run since we could just as easily get some later when we went to visit the Tolmans.

The entire KoDT Bust collection (among other things)These figures have been numbered as sets and we know that sets #1 and #2 were already taken by some players in the Tolman's home group who (IIRC) paid for their figures in advance to help fund the project.  The year they came out we were volunteering at the KenzerCo booth at GenCon, basically the end of the convention season, and they still had some figures left.  Coincidentally we still had some money left (go figure) and we decided last-minute to go ahead and pick up our figures at the end of the con.  Looking through the stock we discovered that set #3 was still available.  They'd been selling plenty of figures, but for some reason this one set remained.  Yoink! Mine now!

We have the full set which is now up to 12 figures (or soon will be).  There are the five Knights, the five Black Hands, and these two new figures.  I'm hoping that Flack Jack Monty for the Black Hands and Johnny Krizinski (sp) come out next.

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