June 24, 2013

Managed to "Save" $100 Today

Managed to "Save" $100 Today
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I'm somewhat fortunate and unlucky today.

Starting from the top today someone who I can, at best, speculate as an individual requiring some level of mental heath care, decided that all of his personal problems trying to relate to others within a small hobby community are all my fault.

I have had no interaction with this individual for months now, and have had severely diminished interaction with those he's currently feuding with.

Have You Seen Your Online Reputation? (Used With Permission)
Have You Seen Your Online Reputation?
For a couple of years I have had to put up with this individual attacking me, privately and publicly, all the while claiming to be the victim. I'm strongly reminded of my childhood where my little brother liked to shout "MOM!" right before striking me. Of course he had great timing and my mother would invariably just come around the corner around the time I finally get my hands on him.

My brother had a few other tricks up his sleeve, as does this guy.

I've been PO'd, gotten angry, felt sorry for this guy....you name it. If it were possible to share the full, detailed & documented history here, I'm willing to be most of you 12 readers would agree, "That boy ain't right". Part of my problem is that while his railing and rallying on about the grave injustices he's imagined have been made public, the truth of these matters has consistently been kept private.

Fast forward three months and now, all of a sudden, there is a HUGE blog post from the guy where he   names me, repeatedly, and decides to attribute all of his personal problems as stemming from me. The whole post is a piece of fiction that I found depressing and amusing at the same time. Normally I'd not really care but the only truth to the long post I could find were the proper nouns used.

Anybody wanting to look for work these days needs to be mindful of their online reputation. This huge piece of defamatory fiction was too much. My only course of action would be to sue this blog author for libel, a suit I was all-but guaranteed to win. I'd have to take this action because the only way to get Google to remove defamatory content is to provide a court judgment proving libel.

Luckily someone was able to convince this guy to remove my name, which saves me a Benjamin in filing fees. It is a bit back-handed, but that was my good news today.

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GuntherFuzz8 said...

Read the blog in question after seeing this. Hilarious!