June 1, 2013


Carolyn's cat Obie passed away yesterday at the age of 17(?). I adopted him from the Idaho Humane Society back in 2002, before we were married. The last couple of years he started to have problems and he got to live in the garage. Obie wanted to be an outdoor kitty and he had free range to come and go as he pleased.

Since last summer though he has only ventured out of the garage when I was working in the driveway. We set him up with a couple of large (4' x 2') litter boxes and his own elevated, insulated, and heated sleeping platform. He got fresh food and water twice a day and he seemed relatively happy right up until the end.

Starr 070906-8887 Impatiens hawkeriWe suspected his time was coming to an end when he suddenly stopped eating and started hiding out in the corner of the garage under my workbench. I was able to coax him out briefly on Thursday and he seemed fine.

Obie is buried in the back yard in a protected area next to my cat Miu. A couple of impatiens were planted over the graves.

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