March 2, 2012

PC Record Sheet v1.39 is Up as a Form!

I slaved away today for 5-6 hours turning the PC record sheet for HackMaster into a PDF form.

It is available here for download of the full form, and here if you just want the PDF without form fields.

This files comes in at 1.28 MB compared to the 600KB of the other record sheet, which isn't too bad once you consider all of the fields I had to place and then rename.  Having Adobe auto-populate forms generally doesn't work for this type of thing.

I know some people don't have any way of filling out and then saving this.  I have full versions of Adobe Acrobat on all of our "work" computers so it isn't an issue for us.  If you are only using Adobe Reader you should be able to fill out the forms, but not save them.  Because this isn't a problem for me I cannot recommend an alternate solution although I am certain several exist. That issue has been fixed.  Sometimes with too many bells and whistles you don't learn about some valuable things!

Early Morning Edit:  I was pointed toward Foxit Reader 5.1 for those who wanted to use the form but didn't have Adobe Acrobat.  It was a quick download and worked fine for me.

Evening Edit: I finally got around to moving my current Sunday-night PC over to the new sheet.  I discovered a few cells not working like I had hoped, one skill (geology) was missing from the list, and the spell sheet section had too many cells formated for numbers only.  I have fixed all these issues and simply replaced the file on my end of the download link.

2012.03.03 Edit: As I play with thing I keep finding little things that are wrong or that I just want to tweak.  I'll keep coming back to this page to update the download link with the current version and I figured I need to start making a change log in case people want to know what I've changed since the last version.

Change Log:
Version 1.31

  • Added Geology to the skill list and moved the form fields around to accommodate the change in the base file.
  • Added check fields to the Wounds section to help denote wounds that had First Aid applied to.
Version 1.32
  • Fixed Equipment page typo from "carry" to "lift"
  • Changed the tally boxes (don't know a better term for them) on the combat profile to numerical format, instead of text/none, and made the form auto-calculate the sum.  The combat rose now auto-calculates the numbers for Attack, Defense, and Damage (as modifiers).  Speed left alone in case anyone wanted to denote jab speeds with regular weapon speed.
  • Added a blank PDF without form field for those who want it.
Version 1.33
  • Merged Chivalry & Luck Points into one box
  • Added Fame
  • Centered Combat Side of the sheet (was a little off-center)
  • Moved/added appropriate form fields
Version 1.34
  • Fixed my error in 1.33 where I used the wrong skill sheet from version 1.3.  I went ahead and deleted that source file so I cannot do it again. 
Version 1.35
  • TheEmrys (KenzerCo Forum User) discovered that the small chart I had on encumbrance effects had two entries with the wrong values.  As a PC gets encumbered the Damage Reduction (DR) actually increases because of the extra "stuff" gets in the way.
  • Discovered the spell information page was off-center, so it was nudged back and the fields moved to compensate.
  • The age form field was changed to auto to enable putting in three digits (Elves start out at 100+ years of age).
Version 1.36
  • Added the missing Craft skill
  • Found 3 Memorized spell lvl fields named incorrectly.  While I was at it I switched the fields to alpha-numeric.
  • Changed the Memorized Spell page fields to auto-size for 3 digit page numbers
Version 1.37
  • Four skills not properly marked as Universal skills and one misspelled skill.
Version 1.39
  • Changed the calculation field for combat load to fix error.


tanic5 said...

If you want to make it able to save in reader you just need enable "reader extended pdf"

On the MAC it is under <File <Save As <Reader Extended PDF <Enable Additional Features...

On the PC it si under <Advanced <Enable User Rights in Adobe Reader.

Christopher Stogdill said...

Thanks for that information!

That has been a frustration of mine for years and I guess I had always assumed it was just a limitation of the program or an attempt to get you to upgrade.

The download file has been fixed so those with Adobe Reader can also use it.

Pronounjim said...

Great work! On sheet 2 under encumbrance "carry " is listed next to drag: should that be "lift?" I also noticed the font in the weapon profile/combat rose is a tad too large to accommodate weapons with different dice, ie: d4p+d6p or 2d4p+3.
Thanks for your excellent, innovative sheet!

Christopher Stogdill said...

I'll have to check that encumbrance stuff....wouldn't surprise me if I had a typo.

As far as the font size, if you are referring to the text box for entering the weapon dice I did make that auto-size. If you mean the damage part for the Combat Rose, that was intended to just hold the bonus.

UbiquitousRat said...

On the second page of the sheet, how do you intend calculating / recording the Range Card data?

Obviously you record the data for ranges in the M column. For Short Bow that's 50, 80, 120, 150.

How do you calculate the other values? Is it divide by the factors?

Please help a mathematically challenge guy work this out.

Christopher Stogdill said...

I pretty much just do the math for those ranges and put in the results, keeping in mind the maximum range for the weapon, as well as anything else that might be a factor (like the Advanced Sighting Talent).

The numbers listed on the sheet are effective range modifiers. For example, a small target would have their actual range doubled, so a shortbow user against a small target would have 25 (50/2) be the max short distance. On my sheet I would put 25 in the intersection of short range and tiny sized. 33' would go in the next box and as you stated 50' in the next.

How I use the range card is the GM tells me the actual distance to the target and the target size, which is then cross-referenced to tell me what attack die I'm using.

If that isn't clear enough, shoot me an email and I'll forward you a filled out sheet and try to do a better job with some graphics or some such.