January 29, 2005

The Mrs. seemed a bit on the disappointed side that I hadn't yet posted any pics of our cats. Yes, I said cats. We have three of them. One or two would've been fine by me and she would have even more if I let her. One of those things I had to put my foot down about, we can't have more cats than bedrooms. That's my general rule of thumb.

From left to right the cats are Miu, Krystal, and Obie. Miu and Obie we adopted from the Humane Society and we simply kept the names they were given by their previous owners. We figured that the whole affair if stressfull enough on them that we don't need to force new names upon them. Krystal.....her name is actually Krystal Meth. If you spent any real time with that cat you'd quickly come to the realization that we picked a very appropriate name for her. I kind of wish her name was a bit more...sedentary.

Actually the cats are pretty well behaved and even Krystal is starting to have more sane moments. We woke up today to find her sleeping next to my wife all sweet and "innocent". Miu, my cat, usually sleeps with us and doesn't tolerate any other night-time visitations. Obie, my wife's cat, is usually off in his own little world so we don't have to worry about him visiting us at night. Good thing too, since he often has bad "cat breath".


Roonie said...

Once you get two cats, it's all downhill from there. It doesn't seem like a big deal to add another one to the roost.

Illuminati Rob said...

They look so cuddly..............so ready for...............the Dryer?? Yes, a fun filled way to spend an afternoon with the lady of the house and your children if you have them folks. Come on in and enjoy a little home cooked debauchery folks!!!!! YEEHAWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christopher Stogdill said...

I actually was suprised once by Miu who crawled into the dryer and fell asleep on the (not warm) clothes. She suprised me so bad I actually thought I was going to get sick....had some minor chest pains for a moment or two.