March 26, 2005

Short Game & Job Lead

We tried to play another session of D&D last night. It didn't fare well, but we were doomed from the onset. Last night we were going to play over at Troy's house. Actually we did play there. From what I gather his wife isn't very approving of the game and since she was out of town he wanted to play at his place. Nice enough house and a generous table. We had a helluva time finding the place. Why is it that city planners are content to call non-contiguous streets by the same name, or have basically the same street names so close to each other? Troy lives on "X" street, which is really just a bunch of small streets that are in a straight North/South line. He happens to live on a small off-shoot called "X" avenue. The street address wasn't correct as it should have been "X" ave, but who gives a rat's ass we found it.

On the way over there Kerry and I were talking and he let me know of a job oppourtunity that sounded really good. He has some inside connections (used to work there) and said he'd make some calls for me. I don't want to jinx it, but it sounds like something I'd like. Even if I had to take a second job top make ends meet, it'd be worth it to do something I like.

Troy happens to have three furry footballs. I think to Bishons and a chiwowa (I'm not even going to try to get that right, my apologies to anyone from that region). I'm not a fan at all of small dogs and these little bastards were mega hyper and had to jump up in our laps and even on the table some. They bugged me for a while, but they did calm down quickly and weren't very bothersome after a while. It was hard to to pick up the and pet it while playing. Since my cats aren't lap cats, it was actually nice after a while.

Carolyn got lost trying to find the place after work. She felt pretty bad about it, but I knew she would get lost the moment we found the place. The map I'd given her was crap (Expedia actually blocked some vital info by putting the address in the middle of the map, making it look like "X" street was contiguous), the street wsn't lit at all, and you couldn't read the house numbers from the road. She was doomed from the start, but I couldn't get her to feel any better. Luckily she just went home and got her cell. One call to me and she had good directions (Troy lives just off of the route I used to take to work). She didn't get there until about 8:10 pm or so, we weren't quite ready, and Heather & Dave weren't there. We got underway soon enough and got through pretty much two small encounters before Dave arrived. He looked like crap. Much un-neccessary apologies later we continued on. We've started working on some basic tactics to make thinsg faster & more productive. Carolyn's thief (sorry, they are called Rogues now) checks the area before a door for traps, the door itself, and then checks to see if it is locked. She's got her character fine-tuned for trapwork, so she's regularily getting over 25 on her rolls. That helped a lot. With Heather's PC not there, my Warmage/Favored Sould is the only source of (rather limited) healing, so we can't afford to get screwed over by traps.

We only went in a couple of rooms before getting stopped by a room full of sewage that we have to cross. It looks to be about 6' deep and it is a good 25' across. We don't have a clue how we are going to get across without going straight through the "crap".

Kerry should be coming over later and we may be able to game a bit. Before that though he's going to get another tattoo. I asked to come along since it's been a while since I've seen anybody get inked. I might want to freshen up one of mine a bit, so it'd help to become aquainted with at least one of the many shops in Boise.

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Illuminati Rob said...

Sorry to hear the game went the way it did. "Find the Path" is great. You should look into it. Makes everything just go so well when looking for a place.